Stop Ticket Scalping in Australia

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Ticket Sellers

The list of avenues to potentially facilitate and encourage ticket scalping is still growing, and will continue to grow …

as long as there is no   Legislation & Enforcement  to prevent ticket scalping.

IF you know of any Ticket Sellers that DO NOT ALLOW SCALPING, please reply to this post.

Those highlighted in green below are personally KNOWN by STSA to have procedures in place that actually prevent ticket scalping, i.e. which enforce the resale of tickets to be at face value.  We are not claiming that the other organisations do not have any conditions or policies/procedures in place to counteract Ticket Scalping.

We know that the organisations/sellers highlighted below in GREEN have zero tolerance for Ticket scalping, i.e. the few in green in the List have got measures to stop ticket scalping.


SIGN the petition asking for Listings to show original ticket prices

eBay states that Tickets to Events covered by State Legislation (such as the applicable Queensland law) that dictates that ticket prices for Tickets to an event at a declared major event facility or to declared major events cannot exceed 110% of the original authorized prices, MUST be listed by using BUY IT NOW   at no more than 110% of the initial prices ( the 10% on top of a Ticket class price is to cover the Buyer’s administrative costs, i.e. online fee / postage cost etc. ). 

However, eBay does little about Tickets not covered by State Laws but of which the Terms & Conditions of the ticket sale include that the Ticket must NOT be on-sold by an Unauthorized seller for more than the face (original) value of the Ticket !

If the Seller uses the  MAKE OFFER  facility or option on eBay but still has the BUY IT NOW ( BIN ) price of a Ticket for way above the original price, then the seller is STILL POTENTIALLY  breaking a condition of purchasing the Ticket in the first place – the Condition being that the ticket must NOT be sold above face value.

Read  HERE  for more information about eBay



Palais Theatre Fan to Fan Resale – Vic, Australia

Queen of Tickets






Ticketmaster   ( now a subsidiary of  Live Nation Entertainment )


The Ticket Trust – UK   ( now Twickets )



4 comments on “Ticket Sellers

  1. Hyun Ahn

    I bought Andre Rieu tickets when it went on sale which i presume is face value at $80 for Bronze seats. I see Queen of Tickets are selling them for $170 now… so I am confused, is that not ticket scalping.

  2. stopticketscalping

    Hi Hyun, only the Ticket Sellers in GREEN text in the Post are those which take measures to stop or reduce Ticket scalping. There aren’t many of them!

  3. Adrian Fawkner

    Bit disappointing that the AFL is scalping its own grand final tickets for $3000. I used to have a bloke who’d help me out with tickets. Shame its illegal now. Sounds like the legislation isn’t there to protect consumers

    • stopticketscalping

      Not everyone can buy tickets in the secondary market for more than the ticket’s face value.

      The principles of anti-ticket scalping legislation need to apply to the authorized sellers, such as the MCC packaging tickets with other items, at huge prices: and selling corporate tickets which don’t sell for the prices they want, to the general public for up to $3,000. This also should apply to the football clubs which otherwise sell premium seat tickets with annual memberships for up to $3,000. Clubs that package tickets for reasonable prices will do so in order to fund themselves.

      The link below goes to a page that you may have read or not, where STSA reports upon the concern that you have voiced about legislation allowing organizations and authorized sellers to package tickets and sell them at exorbitant prices. STSA wrote to the New South Wales Minister concerned about this, and their response can be read below.

      The legislation varies around the states of Australia and with the NSW amendments (as challenged by STSA) could help curtail exorbitant sales of tickets by individuals. Since STSA liaised with the NSW government back in 2014, the amendments to the Fair Trading Act 1947 (NSW) have been passed this year, as shown in the update post on this site. Every ticket being scalped that is cancelled and then sold at face value, is a ticket that one person who can pay the initial asking price, will use to go to an Event.

      Feel free to lobby the State governments, asking them to stop corporate bodies from selling tickets for prices way above their initial prices.

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