Stop Ticket Scalping in Australia

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The CCAAC 2010 Ticket Scalping Report

Consumers and the Ticket Market- Ticket Onselling in the Australian Market 2010

Submissions from major stake-holders into the CCAAC (Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council) investigations for their 2010 Ticket Scalping report.

Submission from eBay Australia to Ticket Scalping Report 2010

Submission from Live Performance Australia to Ticket Scalping Report – includes Code of Practice


Major Sports Facilities Act 2001 Queensland

Major Events Act 2009 NSW

Major Sporting Events Act 2009 – Victoria

Major Events Act 2013 – South Australia

Public Trading Local Law 2005 – Perth, Western Australia

New South Wales Fair Trading Amendment Ticket Reselling Bill 2013


The Australian Consumer Law ( ACL)

See the following Pages of this Blog for explanations of what the ACL is, and how it is supposed to help stop ticket scalping.

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Contract Law

Incorporation of terms in English law is the inclusion of terms in contracts formed under English law in such a way that the courts recognise them as valid.  Please read this Report  for information by Deborah Healy that if the term/condition not to on-sell a ticket above face value is “incorporated into law” then that means breaching that term means breaking the contract law.


4 comments on “Resources

  1. Michelle D

    Is Sydney Entertainment Centre a ‘Major Event Venue’ then I wonder? re: Major Events Act 2009 NSW

    • stopticketscalping

      Good question Michelle! We just emailed Arts NSW to ask what are declared major event venues in NSW this year. 🙂

  2. stopticketscalping

    Just forwarded our initial email to Arts NSW to Arts NSW again – see below:

    Could someone please reply to our question below? We will keep sending this email until we get a reply, or do we need to send a letter to the Minister to get a reply?

    Our enquiry (as you can see below) is: can you advise which venues in 2012 are declared “major event venues” in New South Wales, per the Major Events Act 2009?

    Thank you,

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