Stop Ticket Scalping in Australia

Go in the Poll to say how much you would pay for a Ticket – click on "Worldwide Polls" on the left. Report ticket scalping yourself.



The Ticket Seller is responsible for enforcing the terms & conditions of their tickets, apart from where a Law exists to prevent tickets from being on-sold at a profit.

         See  THIS  post for further information please


  • In NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland, where you see breaches of the applicable laws in person or on the Internet ( See “Legislation & Reports” on the left ), go to a Police Station to report the breaches.  See  THIS  post for more information on how to report non compliance with the criminal Laws relevant to Ticket Scalping to the Police.

  • Call for / Lobby ticket vendors to print amongst the terms & conditions on the back of all tickets, the condition that the ticket cannot be sold at a profit.

  • Call for authorised ticket vendors to use technology to discourage or prevent tickets from being re-sold / onsold.

  • Ask authorised ticket vendors to use procedures, such as staggered release of tickets and allocation of tickets to registered fans, to try to equitably spread the allocation or distribution of tickets to genuine attendees, and across a wider pool or range of people over time.

  • Don’t buy tickets from online auctions, such as  eBay,   at prices way above the original ticket prices, using Buy-it Now.

  • Ask eBay to have a compulsory Policy that ebay Sellers listing Tickets to Events, have the Seat Number in their advertisement, and that eBay enforce this.   Click  HERE  to sign the Petition.

  • See   HERE  for more information about eBay

  • Report breaches of the terms & conditions of ticket sellers, such as Ticketek, in the form of ticket scalping using an online auction, to the Online Auction management, such as  eBay,   and to the ticket seller.

  • Report breaches of the terms & conditions of ticket sellers, such as  Ticketek,  in the form of ticket scalping in person, to the ticket seller.

  • Lobby for legislation that does not allow tickets to be bundled with another item or other items and sold at exorbitant prices because of the demand for the tickets.

  • Lobby for the implementation of clear nation-wide legislation across Australia that prohibits ticket scalping in person or online for all tickets to any show / performance / event.

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  • Join the closed “Admin” section of this site.  If you are a genuine campaigner wanting to help stop ticket scalping within Australia, Follow this blog, and submit a comment on this Page (which won’t be published, as this Site is strictly moderated) requesting the password to the ADMIN section, where we can share ideas and actions.


2 comments on “Actions

  1. Michelle D

    You can help Lobby by signing this online petition 🙂

    Plz Help Stop Ticket Scalpers – sign+share ONLINE PETITION

  2. stopticketscalping

    Thank you Michelle !!

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