Stop Ticket Scalping in Australia

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Western Australia – ticket scalping legislation

The summer of scalping: WA’s need for ticket protection

At last, we have a Premier in Western Australia who is considering passing Legislation similar to the Major Events Acts in other Australian States.

Read about Mark McGowan’s initiative  HERE.

Even if anti-scalping measures push up the prices of tickets, at least those who work and save for the ticket price can still go to a show, for the original selling prices of the Tickets.

Japan has an impressive system in place where one doesn’t even know the seat number until you get to the Show (for some events) – read about it in the Article about Mark McGowan’s proposal, at the Link above.   You get to book the general area you want, so even though you don’t know your EXACT seat number, you know the “ball park area” that you have paid for.   Worth looking into, for Event Promoters here in Australia perhaps.

STSA has written previously to Cricket Australia about exorbitant ticket scalping of the Ashes matches and received a reply that they cannot cancel tickets on eBay unless the Sellers have specified the seat numbers!!   If we bought tickets from eBay or an online site, we would only pay the face value for the class of ticket in question, AND would only buy tickets if they had the exact Seat Number specified.

You should know the seat number, hopefully as one safety precaution against being scammed.  Be warned if thinking about buying from eBay or another online site, if you don’t know the Seller, or really can’t trust the seller, the ticket that you receive from an online purchase may be counterfeit and have even possibly been re-sold to multiple buyers.

W.A. having a “Major Sports Event Act” commensurate with Victoria’s Act will mean that tickets to declared major events cannot be re-sold for more than their face value.




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