Stop Ticket Scalping in Australia

Go in the Poll to say how much you would pay for a Ticket – click on "Worldwide Polls" on the left. Report ticket scalping yourself.

Got a spare $800 for 2 tickets worth $200?




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Question: How do you send your Tickets?

Answer:   Hardcopy Tickets:  All our Hard Copy Tickets are Sent Registered Mail and Must be Signed for on Delivery. Express Mail will be used when needed or requested.

PDF/Email Tickets: If you pay via paypal we will send them to the address linked to your paypal account. If you pay with other methods we can send to any email account you nominate. Also a copy of the tickets will be sent registered/express post.

 Question: What is the Exact Seat Number?

Answer:   We do not under any circumstances provide the Exact seat number as this is to protect the buyer from any sort of fraud with the tickets or scams from people trying to copy the tickets.


 Question: Can I see a picture of the ticket?

Answer:   We do not under any circumstances provide Pictures of the tickets as this is to stop people copying the ticket and trying to gain access to a event. We advise anyone who is going to purchase tickets not to buy tickets if the seller is showing a picture of the ticket as somebody could have copied that picture and may try to gain access to the event and thus making your ticket void.


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