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The Wall Street Journal – you can get authentic tickets but at a price

Live Nation Entertainment Inc. and its Ticketmaster subsidiary have a new strategy for dealing with their sworn enemies, ticket scalpers: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.


In 2013 Live Nation started a limited, beta-version rollout of its latest effort to compete with eBay’s StubHub, which merges its ticket-resale businesses onto its primary ticketing site, blurring the line between the initial face-value ticket and pricier, secondary-market tickets and better positioning the concert promoter to profit from tickets’ true market value.

If the new ticket-selling platform, “TM+,” is to succeed, Ticketmaster and Live Nation need to persuade professional scalpers to use it instead of StubHub and other competitors.

TM+ warns users that tickets offered for resale—marked clearly in red—often exceed face value, but assures them that they have been authenticated by Ticketmaster and can be downloaded instantly.  Fans can’t see who the resellers are.

Live Nation is able to reap fees three times on such tickets: a percentage that is tacked on to the original purchase price, a resale commission and a final fee—the latter two from the consumer purchasing the resale tickets. It also collects fees from brokers who opt to use its new reselling software.

Some economists and scholars say mixing the two markets could shrink the supply of good face-value tickets by encouraging concert promoters and artists to redirect tickets from the primary site. Possibly limiting its appeal to professional resellers and casual fans alike, TM+ allows concert promoters and teams to prevent tickets being resold for less than face value, so as not to undermine their perceived value.

But many brokers scoffed, complaining that the move would give Live Nation unfair pricing control.

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TM+ / Ticketmaster Plus / TicketMaster’s Re-sale Website for Australia can be found at the Link below.




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