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AFL Grand Final Ticket Scalping – change W.A. Laws

According to Ticketmaster – “Ticket holders, not Ticketmaster Resale, control the inventory and the price of the tickets, which can be listed above or below the original face value.  On Ticketmaster Resale, the first price a buyer sees is the total purchase price, inclusive of any fees. Fees are not added on at the end of the purchase.”

While Premier Colin Barnett said earlier in the week he didn’t think scalping was a big issue in WA, he is not the one who misses out because of blatant greedy people using tickets as a mere commodity, pricing them out of range of normal people, who actually want to go to the Event, rather than sell tickets for mega profits.

Labor leader Mark McGowan said Eagles and Dockers tickets for this weekend’s preliminary finals were getting sold for inflated prices.  Mr McGowan was planning to introduce a private members’ bill into parliament on Thursday, based on Victorian laws which could see scalpers fined as much as $5000.

Currently scalping is not illegal in WA. “Scalping in Western Australia has now reached the point that tickets to this weekend’s AFL finals have been advertised online at greatly inflated prices even before some club members have been able to purchase tickets,” Mr McGowan said.

Yesterday, seats with a face value of $170 to the Fremantle-Hawthorn game on Friday night were advertised for $499 even before tickets were available for sale to ordinary Dockers members at 9am.

When that happens it’s a case of straight out profiteering. Those tickets had obviously been bought by scalpers with the clear intention of making money, rather than going to the game.

“This week we have seen the extraordinary situation of AFL finals tickets being re-sold, almost immediately, for triple the price.”

Read more:–for-more-than-700-20150923-gjt1mv#ixzz3mjI6zx56

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Read about the Victorian Legislation   HERE



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