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2014 FIFA World Cup Soccer

The maximum ticket price in U.S. dollars for a Quarter Finals match is $330. At the time of posting this such a ticket is being offered on eBay for sale in Rio at $500. See Link below.

FIFA is the only legitimate source for legitimate tickets sold outside of a MATCH Hospitality or Corporate package that has been authorised for sale by FIFA.

The prices for all of the Matches can be found at the FIFA website page below.

You can also download two PDF documents from that page, including a colour Official Ticket Guide brochure in English, which has a picture of an example Ticket on page 12. The ticket prices in this Guide are in Brazilian currency ( called “the Real” ).

The “2014 FIFA World Cup Ticketing Q&A” Brochure states on page 5 that FIFA has tasked MATCH services with implementing a full ticketing enforcement program. This Brochure also suggests that there would be a final allocation of 75 per cent of all tickets to the general public.

The public is asked to report unauthorised sales of tickets to:

Below are screenshots of Viagogo showing Category C tickets to the Quarter Finals, officially selling at $165 USD per ticket, being offered for purchase at a whopping $1,6221.


World Cup Quarter Final Tickets on Viagogo


2014 World Cup Soccer Quarter Final Tickets on Viagogo


If you like reading, you may get some consolation by downloading or reading the    Weekly magazines   of FIFA online.  They are quite interesting to read.



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