Stop Ticket Scalping in Australia

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Bumper major events line up for NSW in 2014

Below is a link to planned major events in New South Wales in 2014.

Please report here if you find out closer to the time of the events, if any of these below are declared as a “declared major event”.

Refer to the posts on this blog below for further information.


Please note STSA wrote to the NSW government body, Destinations NSW, in  2013 to ask if the A-League All Stars v Manchester United match held on Saturday 20 July 2013, was a “declared major event”, but got no reply; so had to resort to contacting the Event Organiser for the answer.   See THIS  post here.

Once the N.S.W. Fair Trading Amendment (Ticket Reselling) Act 2013 has been passed, ticket sellers (other than “authorised sellers”) will have to, by law, state the seat number and terms & conditions of tickets they are on-selling.  So, if you see tickets to any of the above being “scalped”, report any breaches of this law (once passed) to the Police (as well as to any involved online company facilitating the sale).


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