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Australian Senate Economics Reference Committee Report

Interesting Report by the Australian Senate Economics Reference Committee Report has just been released.  Download or read the Report at the link below.  It is a big Report, but well worth reading.  Basically they are calling for more research about the mechanics of ticket scalping and for better and clearer procedures for reporting breaches of criminal law, in the case of Ticket Scalping, plus better education about the dangers of buying tickets from non-authorised sources, a more conducive relationship between Federal & State organisations in tackling this issue, that a Code of Conduct be reviewed taking into account criticism of the Primary Market, and importantly, that the Federal Government monitor advances in the use of software technology upon ticket scalping.


The Committee does not talk about HOW the relevant ACL provisions should be enforced. 

Read  HERE   for background information.


Alternatively, click on the Link below to download the Report from this Site

Senate committee Ticket Scalping in Australia report


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