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5 Seconds of Scalping – “5 Seconds of Summer”

STSA recently received an email from someone disappointed that she and her daughter (and other parents and children) could not get tickets to a show at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre ( PCEC ) to see Australian band “5 Seconds of Summer” perform.

Tickets to events at the PCEC are sold by Ticketek and although Ticketek have the term / condition on the backs of their tickets, and buyers have to state online that they accept the term not to resell tickets at a premium ( higher than their face values ), this term or condition is NOT ENFORCED by Ticketek or by the Event Promoter, in this case  Live Nation.

Please see the posts on this Blog which look at Ticketek and at Live Nation, for relevant information.

The 2014 Australian tour dates for “5 Seconds of Summer” follow:

May 3 Palais Theatre, St Kilda, Victoria – tickets sold by Ticketmaster
May 4 Palais Theatre, St Kilda, Victoria – tickets sold by Ticketmaster
May 7 The Tivoli, Brisbane – tickets sold by Ticketmaster

30 April & 5 May – Enmore Theatre, Sydney – tickets sold by Ticketek
8 May – PCEC, Riverside Theatre, Perth – tickets sold by Ticketek

On 28 March tickets went on sale to a second show, 5th May 2014, in Sydney, due to what was called “unprecedented demand.”  Don’t forget that the Scalpers contributed to the rapid sell-out of the first Show.

Ticketmaster has a 10 ticket limit placed on ticket purchases to the 5 Seconds of Summer shows.

The Ticketek and Enmore Theatre sites also have the following information at the time of this post.

The Enmore Theatre Box Office also functions as a Ticketek Agency. Tickets for the “5 Seconds of Summer” shows bought directly from the Enmore Theatre must be paid for by a credit card. The Credit Card Holder MUST make the booking and MUST be present at the booking with the credit card and photo I.D. Tickets will not be issued to persons other than the credit card holder.

However, STSA hazards a guess that most tickets would have been purchased via the Internet from either Ticketmaster or Ticketek.

It is also apparent that MANY tickets were purchased solely in order to put them up on the numerous online sites, to sell them at PROFITS.

The ticket price is approximately $50 yet Viagogo shows tickets for just one person to the Perth event at the PCEC available for prices ranging from $120 to $180. So, indviduals ( who have the $50 to buy a ticket ) miss out because others want to make profits from $70 to $130 from scalping the tickets ; and families and groups miss out too.




If you click on the Link below, scroll down the page until you see “To view the standard Riverside Theatre seating plan, Riverside Theatre Seating “, and click on the blue words, to go to the seating plan for the PCEC venue.

NOTE: You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the plan, as it is a PDF file.


If you are rich enough to be able to spend $1147 on 2 tickets for 2 seats together, quickly head on NOW to Viagogo, to purchase 2 tickets and   help the seller  net a tidy profit of $1,047.


Click  HERE  to go to the Listing

Clicking on the word Viagogo at the top left will take you to their Home page, where you can search for all tickets available for the “5 Seconds of Summer” shows.

It is a real shame when human beings treat others like commodities or as things to “milk for their money”, which is what Ticket Scalpers do.

Take a look at the Riverside Theatre Seating plan (by following the instructions above), and you will see the tickets being sold above are in the first row. We wish we had the money, time, technology and nerve to buy 4 tickets to the Show and then put them up on Viagogo to potentially net a $1,000 profit.

The Seller may not get what he/she is asking for, of course, but we would place a bet (if we were betting) that the Seller WILL net a Profit of some sort.

Read the posts on this Blog.

Queensland has a Law such that these Tickets CANNOT be sold for more than 110% of the face value, so MUST NOT be sold to the BRISBANE show for more than $55 for one ticket.

See the Links below for further information about this.

Write to / email Live Nation and Ticketek and Ticketmaster and ask them what they are doing to enforce the terms & conditions of the very tickets that they promote and sell.

Contact the “5 Seconds to Summer” band and tell them what is happening.

Take action to help stop Ticket Scalping


no to ticket scalping



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