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AMENDED N.S.W. Fair Trading Amendment (Ticket Reselling) Bill 2014

N.S.W. Fair Trading Amendment (Ticket Reselling) Bill 2014


This Bill has just been Amended and was passed by the Legislative Assemby ( LA ) of NSW on 25 March 2014.   See THIS page of the NSW PARLIAMENT for details.

STSA has downloaded the amended Bill and notes that the concerns covered in  THIS  post of this Blog have not YET been addressed.

On 8 Feb. 2014, STSA contacted the Minister for Fair Trading with some questions, but has not yet received answers.  We again contacted the Minister six weeks later, and have been told our concerns will be communicated to the NSW Commissioner for Fair Trading, currently Rod Stowe.

To find out about the Legislative process in New South Wales, please visit  THIS  page here.   You can write to Ms Beverly Duffy, the Clerk Assistant for Committees to voice your concerns with the Bill, before the THIRD READING.

Clerk Assistant – Committees
Ms Beverly Duffy
tel. (02) 9230 3367
fax: (02) 9230 2981


At least, once this Bill is passed, some people will be legally restricted from advertising Tickets unless the tickets have their ticket price and seat row and number on them, and terms & conditions of the original sale available.   Queensland already has a law “The Major Sports Facility Act 2001” which makes it illegal to sell tickets to major event facilities for more than 110 percent of the tickets’ face values.

NOTE, that the NSW Fair Trading Amendment Act is significantly different to the Queensland Act, because it does not out-law reselling tickets for more than 110 percent of the ticket’s face values, BUT provides that consumers be given correct and sufficient and legal information about the Tickets.

It is then up to the potential buyers to regard the original authorised prices of tickets and any Terms that went with the original sales, such as NOT TO SELL the tickets for more than their face values, before deciding whether to go ahead and purchase or not.

It is all very well for those to say some online outlets have mechanisms to ensure legitimate tickets get to the buyers, and that sellers are not paid until the tickets are sent / received, and / or that if a show does not go ahead, the ticket is refunded –  BUT sadly, with today’s explosiion in use of the Internet, the snapping up of MANY TICKETS to ANY POPULAR show is rife and results in people who actually WANT to go to a performance or event, and have the money to buy a ticket at its face value, being DENIED an OPPORTUNITY to do so.

Will ticket scalpers ever understand that their provision of a SECONDARY MARKET TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER spoils people’s lives, in terms of somebody trying to buy a ticket at its face value, and not being able to do so because people with no intent of going have treated the tickets as mere commodities to capitalise from?

Perhaps they do know about this, but just DON’T CARE.

IMAGINE the future 50 years or 100 years on, when we have a COMPETITION for tickets instead of Ballots or free-for-all Sales, e.g. people who want to buy a Ticket have to do a Quiz and answer 75 questions about the event they are going to and have to get 90 percent correct, and tickets are allocated on order of merit – a bit like the old High School Chemistry Exams.

OR maybe we could have THE TICKET GAMES ( similiar to the “Hunger Games” ) and people who want a Ticket can fight for it, and those who REALLY want to go will win.

Tickets are not “goods” in terms of supplying a tangible and physical functional lasting product.

Make no mistake, the people of Australia are becoming more and more disgruntled with ticket scalpers, and the probability that the tide of the masses will take concerted mass action to get people to “see the Light” that tickets are NOT commodities, but they are RIGHTS to view and attend a once-off performance,

AND that it is NOT ETHICAL to SCALP them, is  …..  INCREASING and soon to be exponential

because it is the RIGHT ACTION.

Help stop Ticket Scalping by campaigning for legislation in all States, similiar to the Queensland law, which you can read about HERE.  Thank you.





STSA finally received a reply, which you can read at  THIS   post.



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