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Rolling Scammers – can’t get No satisfaction

UPDATE MAY 2014:  South Australia has just passed a Law similar to the Queensland anti-ticket scalping legislation.  The Rolling Stones concerts in South Australia this year have been declared as “declared major events”.  Ticket to these Concerts in ADELAIDE must NOT be on-sold for profit.  See   THIS  link here for more information.

Now we’ve seen it all.  Here is our trusty eBay seller whom has moved on from selling Tickets to the Australian Open Men’s Semi-final in Victoria, for $700 at the last count (before the listing was halted probably because it is against the law in Victoria to sell tickets to the Australian Open for exorbitant profits) – onto ripping gullible people off with well over priced tickets to the Rolling Stones concert in Brisbane in April 2014.  Click   HERE  to go straight to the listing..

Once you go to the Listing you will see a second image and if you click on that, you will see a Letter written by someone from “Raise The Gong” authorising the ebay seller to fund-raise on their behalf.  However, scroll down the actual page and you will find that the eBay seller is generously donating $5.00 to Raise the Gong  from the sale of each ticket!.

STSA has found the prices for the Stones concert at the BEC in April 2014, as below:

GA Standing Tongue Pit  – $577.70 

PC1 Reserved – $577.70 

PC2 Reserved –  $374.20 

PC3 Reserved  – $198.20


Here is a Map of the Stadium showing the Sections quoted above.

BEC stadium Rolling Stones


So, Supatix is scalpng the Stones tickets, in order to get a profit of $420 at the moment, per Ticket, AND they will only sell TWO tickets minimum in one transaction.

So that is $840 profit, and the price will go up the closer we get to the Stones concert date of 2 April 2014.   Very nice if you are in the business of – capitalism and free enterprise – and the fact that you have bought up a load of tickets to a Show you know will sell out, PURELY for the intention of on-selling those tickets to those who are rich enough to pay $2,000 for two tickets – and it has never entered your head or blipped onto your radar as possibly doing someone out of a ticket – someone whom actually wants to go to the performance AND who had / has $580 to go but NOT $2,0000 ( or $1,000 AND a friend who will also pay out $1,000 seeing as two tickets must be bought from this seller ).

Yes, it’s a “dog eat dog” world out there.  This eBay seller is doing the world a favour by providing a Secondary Market or in other words kindly making tickets available to those who missed out buying tickets at their initial release.  So what and too bad if Supatix (and numerous others) are asking whatever they like for the tickets.  It’s a free country isn’t it?  Of course eBay Australia is not concerned with stopping people from listing on eBay in contravention of the terms of the ticket sales, not to on-sell them at profits, because that is how they make their profits.

Yep, it sure is a free country for those who do not value tickets to shows as SPECIAL INTANGIBLE RIGHTS to once-off performances, to be made available to THOSE WHO WANT TO GO AND WHO HAVE THE MONEY AT THE ORIGINAL PRICES to go.

From the point of view of STSA and its supporters, it is a worry that the unregulated Internet is allowing a flourishing trade in unethical ticket scalping, while the Authorities (and many members of the public) sit back and concur that it has “negligible detriment” on consumers or the economy and that the Australian governments hardly get any complaints about ticket scalping.

Tickets are seen by so many are just another COMMODITY.   What about people trying to buy tickets at their original prices?  STSA has read on the internet and seen on the television news heartbreaking stories about people wanting to take their child or children to a show only to be caught out by a ticket scammer or a ticket scalper, by the tickets not exisitng, OR by not being able to afford to buy tickets because they are sold at exorbitant profits.

Of course STSA knows that people buying tickets have to be vigilant and intelligent and careful in purchasing their tickets, but there are  TOO MANY markets  out there, facilitating the sale of Tickets at any price, being looked at by those who either trust the sellers not to be raising the ticket prices exorbitantly OR especially being looked at by those who are so desperate to go to an Event, that they find the money to buy a ticket for up to twice or more its original sale price.

STSA calls for a survey or a Poll to find out how many people “out there” really are ready, willing and able to fork out huge amounts of money, like $1,000 on a Ticket to an event like the Rolling Stones, and why those people are ready, willing & able.  Is it because they have high incomes or they have saved for such an occurrence?

Even if the answer is yes, we can’t but wonder if the Rolling Stones is in favour of many of their tickets going to those who are rich with currency, rather than going to those who are “rich” in being their fans but whom are not rich in terms of money, so miss out on the opportunity of getting a ticket at its face value, because of the scalpers.

NOTE:  This eBay seller is breaking the Law.

Queensland has the Major Sports Facilities Act 2009 which makes it illegal to on-sell tickets (even if less than 1 percent of the proceeds goes to Raise the Gong) to major sports facilities, including the BEC or Brisbane Entertainment Centre, for more than 110% of their original sale prices.   See   THIS   post for details about the Law.

This listing can be reported to the Police, as a criminal offence.  The police require it to be reported to eBay first of all.  If there was legislation in every State of Australia comparable to the Queensland act so that tickets to events at major event facilities cannot be onsold for more than 110% of their face values, then it would be a reflection that – – –






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