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Australian Open Grand Slam – Report Ticket Scalping

Ticket-scalping is illegal for major sporting events in person or online under Victoria’s Major Sporting Events Act 2009.    Already eBay Australia has tickets for reserved seats to the Australian Open Tennis Semi-Final for sale at prices $130 more than the original selling prices.

You can see that the Seller must have 16 tickets in his/her possession, as the Listing as of today shows apparently 6 have been sold and 10 are yet to be sold.   Of course the seller may have “rigged” some of the Sales to try to entice other into buying.   If you go to the eBay page and click on the number for the number of tickets sold, you can view some information about sales and offers.

The shot above taken today, 30 December 2013, shows someone bought 4 tickets and someone else bought 2 tickets.   STSA surmises that both or one of these buyers are either fictional or must be rich and on the ignorant and gullible side – to buy Tickets from eBay – when there are still Reserved Tickets available for the semi-final in question, at $219, on the Ticketek site, the authorised and primary ticket seller.


Seems like you can successfully sell almost anything on eBay, including un-ethically bought tickets, to those who love and trust in eBay, and would rather use eBay than actually go to the primary Ticket Vendor first to see if the tickets have sold out or not !!

Often it is tickets to sold-out Shows that are successfully scalped, but not always, as this example on eBay Australia shows!

The Victorian Major Sporting Events Act 2009 has under Part 1 Definitions, the following


“major sporting event” means—

(a)     the Australian Open Tennis Championships;

(b)     any Australian Football League match held at the MCG or the Docklands Stadium;

(c)     any international or interstate cricket match held at the MCG or the Docklands Stadium;

(d)     any international, national or state league football match held at an event venue;

(e)     any event specified in a major sporting event order as a major sporting event

and includes any opening ceremony or closing ceremony, parade or similar activity or event connected with the major sporting event and specified in a major sporting event order applying to the major sporting event;

“major sporting event order” means an order made under section 7 ;

“major sporting events guidelines” means the guidelines issued by the Minister under section 25;

Therefore the above eBay seller is breaking the law by offering the tickets for re-sale above their face values.  It doesn’t matter if he/she sells the tickets above their face values or not, but he/she is not allowed to try to sell them for above their original prices.

Please report this Seller to eBay, by following the steps outlined in this Blog.

Please report this Seller to the Police in Victoria, by following the steps outlined in this Blog.

With reference to declaring a major sporting event, the Act has the following to say


Governor in Council may make major sporting event order

(1)         Subject to this Part, on the recommendation of the Minister, the Governor in Council may make an order that an event is a major sporting event for the purposes of this Act.

(2)     A major sporting event order must be published in the Government Gazette.

You can download a PDF copy of the Act at the Resources page of this Blog.

Good luck with finding out what events ( other than those declared permanently under the Act ) are declared as major sporting events under the Gazettes of the State of Victoria, link below.|recentgazettes



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