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NSW Government To Introduce New Anti-Scalping Laws

Christoph Homann, Managing Director of Resale for Ticketmaster International has said “The NSW government’s proposed secondary ticket legislation will neither protect fans nor stop scamming.  Restrictions rarely stop consumer interest, rather it pushes them into back alleys or in the case of ticket resale to the online equivalent to offshore, unregulated websites and into the clutches of fraudsters.”

The new law will mean that sellers will have to show photographic proof of a ticket’s existence, with the resale price not exceeding 10% over the original.  Websites will be forced to remove sellers found in breach of these conditions, or face fines of up to $5,500.

Well, STSA asks Homann and others against the proposed new law, “where is your evidence for this?”  The State of Queensland has had legislation making it illegal to re-sell tickets to major sport facilities throughout their state, to any event, for more than 110% of the original prices of the tickets.  There have been prosecutions under this criminal law, by police, of people breaching the Queensland law.

Does Homann have evidence that tickets to sold-out shows in Queensland have been sold in dark spooky alleys at midnight for exorbitant prices or have been sold via unknown and unregulated online forums or sites, because of the legislation?

STSA has noticed that scalpers have still been trying to sell tickets at inflated prices to Queensland events, using traditional sale sites, like eBay and Gumtree Online.  Attempted ticket scalping by such means did not disappear overnight after the day the Queensland law was passed, and go completely “underground.”   Where such blatant scalping has been detected on ebay and Gumtree Online, and reported, prosecutions have been made by Queensland police.

Nobody has provided statistics on how effective the Queensland law has been in stopping ticket scalping on eBay and Gumtree, or on whether the law has actually driven scalping “underground”.

So, please, eBay and others against the NSW law, get your facts right and stop speculating.  Why not own up to the real reasons you don’t want the new NSW law, whether it be that the new Law will generate additional expense for event promoters and ticket sellers to enforce their own terms and conditions, or something else?

For the proponents or supporters of anti ticket-scalping legislation, information about the new Law can be read at the link to the Daily Telegraph below.

STSA is pleased to note that Ticketek Australia managing director, Cameron Hoy, said that “Ticketek welcomes the NSW Government reforms in this area and supports measures such as these to clamp down on this unsound practice,” addressing the detrimental effects of scalping on consumer confidence.  Cricket Australia also supports the new law.

The MusicFeeds website outlines the measures being taken by Live Nation and Ticket Master to combat ticket scalping.  You can subscribe to their “FEED” in order to get the latest news about the NSW anti ticket scalping legislation.  Scroll to the bottom of the page at the link below, and click on  #NSW ANTI-SCALPER LAWS.

At the time of posting this, the new Bill has not yet been tabled in Parliament, but if you keep checking  THIS   link to the New Bills of the NSW Parliament, you can monitor the site  yourself, to see when the new Law is introduced.

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