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AFL Grand Final 2013

Dockers-v-WCEAbove is an eBay listing at 17 September 2013 – save and zoom in

The Australian Football League ( AFL ) website has information on the ticket allocation to the 26 September 2013 Grand Final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.  Of the 100,000 ticket allocations, 25 percent are allocated to the AFL’s “contractual obligations” which probably means Corporate bodies and travel & hospitality organisations, which is quite alot, we think.  If you are unhappy with this allocation, petition the AFL asking for a change.

You can download and read the PDF document  HERE.

There has already been a huge uproar because the AFL’s Grand Final ticket registration process for Fremantle members held on 12 September was oversubscribed.  If Fremantle qualify for the Grand Final, there will be a ballot ecause the number of registrations exceeded the 14,000 tickets allocated to each competing club by the AFL.

See the links below for more information.  The first link describes the tickets allocated to Priority 1 and Priority 2 Groups.  The second link tells you who falls into the 2 Priority groups.  The 3rd link tells you that an extra $30 buys an Upgrade, but the “upgrades” are limited to 6,000 (leaving the rest of the Priority 1 allocation, in this case 1,129 tickets, or 7,129 minus 6,000, to “Harbour Masters” i.e. the Foundation members of the Clubs).

HERE is the price guide for the various categories of the Preliminary Final of the Sydney Swans versus the Dockers at Patersons Stadium on 21 September 2013.

At the time of posting this, STSA found eleven ( 11 ) listings on eBay Australia of one ticket to the 21 September event, priced above the official maximum of $170.  We used the search terms   dockers swans tickets   and the results are very dodgy to say the least.  Hopefully no-one in their right mind would buy from these ebay sellers.

As $170 ( top price ) x 4 tickets = $680 the eBay seller ( mrlizard75 ) offering 4 tickets for $1,500 ( see image at the top of this post) was trying to make a profit of $820.

At the time of posting this, Mr Lizard has got 2 Tickets available for a total of $750 ( as compared to $340 for the authorised total price ).  See  HERE.

Don’t buy from them unless you want to help them net a profit of $410.  The Lizard is still trying to net a total profit of $820. As the lizzie has split up the ticket holdings to two lots of 2 per the ebay listing, it may very well be that the 4 tickets won’t be sold for a huge profit after all.   The listing ends tomorrow, 19th September at 10.36pm EST.  Let’s see if they take offers (hopefully at $170 or below, though ebay doesn’t show the sold prices).

Below is a map showing the location of the Categories stated in the PDF Price List above.  Mr Lizard’s purported tickets are in Section 48 (so he states in his listing) which are Category 2 tickets at $144 each, so his profits should he sell two tickets for his asking price are actually higher than the $410 mentioned above!

Patersons Stadium Categories of Seating Plan

At the time of posting this, another eBay seller is asking $499 for one Category A Ticket, and does not even say if it is a PDF e-ticket from Ticket Master or if it is a paper ticket!!

The point is that there is no legislation in Western Australia making it illegal to scalp tickets to any events in W.A. online.  It is time for W.A. to move out of the “Dark Ages” and at least have legislation equivalent to Queensland’s “Major Sports Facilities Act”, taking into account all of our major event facilities.

There is legislation in Victoria banning ticket scalping only to declared major sports events, such as the AFL Grand Final, which you can read under “Legislation and Reports.”   You can read the Act in the   “Resources”   section of this Blog.


One comment on “AFL Grand Final 2013

  1. stopticketscalping

    Here is an update to the ticket listing by Mr Lizzie. The Lizzard has split the 4 tickets into two lots of 2 and kept dropping the price as the Preliminary Final day draws closer. We noted first that 2 tickets had a Buy It Now price of $750 each (or $1500 of course for 4 at $750 for two lots of 2 tickets) then the price for 2 was dropped to $650 and at the time of posting this, 20 September in the morning, the price is now $550.

    Sadly we think, we noticed when you click on the link in the Post above and then on the link “1 Sold” you see he apparently sold 2 tickets for $650 to an ebay buyer with the coded name n****j and that buyer has a Feedback score of 10. Who knows if this is “shill bidding”, i.e. this buyer may be Mrs Lizzard or an accomplice of Mr Lizard pretending to buy 2 tickets to show apparent willingness or faith in buying these tickets!!

    If the buyer is genuine, she/he has paid $362 more than the face value of these 2 Category 2 Tickets.

    The point is NOT that she/he was/is desperate & rich enough to spend more than the $288 dollars face value for these 2 tickets, but that this Scalper denied the equal chance or opportunity of someone else in the realm of possibilities to have bought the ticket at the initial primary authorised ticket release, AND of course have paid the authorised price of $144 each for these category of Tickets.

    STSA has posts on this Blog on how to report blatant ticket scalping on eBay to eBay, and how to report to Ticketek. Please look at those posts and use them.

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