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Report Ticket Scalping of One Direction Tickets to Nine Live

Nine Live is the Event Promoter for the Australian Tour of “One Direction.”  In Queensland, online ticket scalping, no matter where the Seller lives, for Event Tickets to performances at Queensland’s “major sports facilties” is illegal.  Therefore, if you see blatant Buy It Now prices online on Gumtree or eBay or another online ticketing source, for tickets to events at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Queensland, please report them immediately and strongly to NINE LIVE.

See   THIS  post for full information about Queensland anti ticket scalping Legislation.  STSA wrote the following email this week to Nine Live.



Please be advised that an eBay seller ( milovalentine ) is selling One Direction Tickets in bulk for either $500 per ticket or $400 per ticket, when the top original price was $99.  See Links below.  We would expect you or Ticketek to report these breaches of the Major Sports Facilities Act 2001 to the Police, and to request eBay Australia to immediately remove the Listing, to stop this absurb and blatant attempt (and probable success) at profiteering.

Just because the seller has got “Make Offer” DOES not mean they will NOT profit from these listings.  They should have to list the Tickets at BUY IT NOW prices capped at 110% of the original prices.

Any school child knows this, it does not take a genuis to work out what eBay are required to do.  Your immediate action in sending a FORMAL REQUEST to eBay or a COMPLAINT to the Queensland Police is urged.

A Formal Request, of course, means a Letter (on letterhead) signed by an authorised person.

Please reply to this letter.  Many thanks for your genuine and intelligent consideration.

Thank you


The following reply was received.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  We work closely with Ticketek to monitor eBay and other online auction sites closely and when possible we cancel tickets, which is what we have done in this instance.


Nine Live


STSA has replied to Nine Live asking them if the above is just a general “blanket” statement or if they have taken specific action to ask eBay Australia to remove the 2 listings above.  So far, Nine Live has not bothered to answer.  We assume the statement above from Nine Live is a stereotyped answer which they give to all people whom contact them about ticket scalping attempts.

Could not Nine Live request that eBay provide the name and contact details of the eBay seller so that if they sell the tickets at more than 110% of the original selling prices, they can be prosecuted for breaching the Queensland Law?

NSW is currently looking at passing Legislation so that eBay will have to require Ticket Sellers on eBay to compulsorily state the exact seat number(s) of tickets they are trying to sell, so that the Tickets can be immediately cancelled by the ticket issuer.

See the posts below also.

One comment on “Report Ticket Scalping of One Direction Tickets to Nine Live

  1. Michelle D

    I reported heaps of Pink & 1D tickets on Newcastle Gumtree recently, they removed many but left some I’ve had to ask at least on 3 occasions for some & 1 was for the QLD venue (illegal). 😐

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