Stop Ticket Scalping in Australia

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Stop “One Direction” Ticket Scalping

STSA just received an email with the following –

I am writing to you about the ridiculous amount of money people are selling One Direction tickets for on Ebay and Gumtree. I was having a look as I would like to take my daughter for her birthday. I don’t mind if people genuinely can’t attend anymore so just want to make their money back, but there are people who are trying to charge hundreds- thousands of dollars for a ticket that was purchased for $99. I think it’s absolutely disgusting. I just wanted to bring it to your attention.


A Reserve
Admit inc $99 ticket + $2.50 transport $101.50

B Reserve
Admit inc $79 ticket + $2.50 transport $81.50

A Reserve No Alcohol
Admit inc $99 ticket + $2.50 transport $101.50

B Reserve No Alcohol
Admit inc $79 ticket + $2.50 transport $81.50

A Reserve Side View
Admit inc $99 ticket + $2.50 transport $101.50

B Reserve Side View
Admit inc $79 ticket + $2.50 transport      $81.50

Just go to the  “eBay Australia”  webiste, making sure you tick the Check Boxes next to “Number of Tickets = 1″ and that you type into the Price Box – from $100 to $999,

OR click on THIS  link here to find, at the time of this being posted, the attempted sales of one Ticket to the One Direction shows around Australia, above the maximum original selling price of $99.

You can also view and/or download a Word Document that STSA has pasted Screen dumps into showing a “Gallery” view selection of Tickets meeting the Criteria above by clicking  HERE.

Please note that page 3 of the Word document shows the most expensive ticket price currently on eBay for one ticket listings, being $499 for ONE ticket, and the Seller has 4 Tickets for sale.

The seller has the option of “Make Offer” so hopefully nobody will buy any of their 4 Tickets for $500.  The Seller will no doubt still make a good profit as somebody desperate enough to go may offer more than the $99 original purchase price of one ticket.

Below are images of tickets being sold by the SAME seller on eBay for 1 ticket to the One Direction 21 October 2013 show (at 7.30pm) in Brisbane.

NOTE that the seller has listed (at the time of posting this) “more than 10 available” to Brisbane for $399 EACH ticket.  This listing expires on 7 October 2013 at 2.24pm.

The SAME seller also has another listing for 4 tickets which expires on 7 October 2013 at 2.28pm, for Tickets to BRISBANE also,  BUT  for $499 EACH !!!

This is conclusive evidence that one seller has bought a great many tickets and is scalping them, and is asking different prices for the same product.  Please click on the images below to view them in larger size.



Click on the Link below to go directly to the $499 listing.

STSA asks that you contact

The Ticket Vendor, Ticketek   &

The Event Organiser, Nine Live

to ask them to write and send a FORMAL LETTER to Gumtree and to eBay Australia, asking them to remove the Ticket Listings which attempt to sell Tickets for more than $99 which is the top price for the Tickets.   A formal letter means a real letter on Letterhead, signed by upper Management.

Ticketek has an Online Contact Form you can use – please use the Link below.

Nine Live has two email addresses you can use to contact them on – see below.

STSA has already contacted Ticketek about ticket scalping and had a woeful response from them.  Please see the Post on this Blog below.

URGENT:  Tticket scalping of tickets to One Direction shows at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre is ILLEGAL.  The BEC is a “major sports facility event” ( see THIS link of Stadiums Queensland )  and Queensland has legislation prohibiting tickets from being re-sold for more than 110% of the original purchase/selling price.  See HERE  for information.


If you do not live in Queensland, see  THIS  post for information on how to report to the police.

Please send an Email to Ticketek asking them to enforce their own terms and conditions and to honour what they say they do on their website, to combat ticket scalping.   Click on the picture below to see it larger.  Click HERE  to go directly to Ticketek’s website for information about “anti ticket scalping” measures in their section titled “Scalping & Online Auction Sites.”


The   Department of Commerce  in Wesern Australia has said ( not nicely either ) that it is the Ticket Seller’s responsibility to enforce their terms and conditions.

But where there is legislation to counteract ticket scalping, such as in Queensland, it is the Police that enforce the legislation ( under criminal law ).  However, supporters of STSA have found that it is difficult for them to report blatant ticket scalping, because the Police have insisted that the reporting person attend a police station in person to present the evidence, even if that evidence be URLs or addresses of online auction listings !!   We wonder though if someone like the Prime Minister rang to report ticket scalping, if they would make him (or her) go into a police station.

The Event Promoters and Artists themselves are sometimes also keen to counteract ticket scalping, e.g. Radiohead.  This means you may be able to ally yourself with the artist (in this case, One Direction) to get support to stop ticket scalping.

You can try contacting eBay Australia to ask them to remove ticket listings of scalpers, and good luck to you if you do.  STSA approached them about scalping of David Attenborough tickets, to which they made the sellers add “Make Offer” to their listings ( based on the assumption that would be buyers could offer what they were prepared to pay for a ticket, which may very well be below the “Buy It Now” price, and of course, the seller could decline offers until he/she gets what he/she is satisfied with, which may depend upon the number of tickets left in their hands compared to the amount of time left before selling and posting out the tickets).

For information on the Queensland law, and on eBay’s woeful response as outlined above, click on the Link below.

eBay Australia has a notice on its website about not selling tickets in Queensland for more than 110% of the original prices which you can ask them to enforce.  See links below.

Try using the Email address on the page above to email eBay, as otherwise it is like “Fort Knox” trying to contact them.

STSA has also tried to “broker” an unseen fight between Live Nation and eBay – see the Post below for more information.

eBay insisted that Live Nation send them a “formal letter” asking them, eBay, to remove listings which contravened the Ticket Seller’s terms of not scalping tickets, and Live Nation kept saying that they, Live Nation, HAD sent a formal request.

It is quite obvious that Live Nation had NOT sent a formal request, which of course is a Letter from the CEO of Live Nation.

Meanwhile, the Ticket Seller, Ticketek, had blithely turned a blind eye to the whole thing.  Their  response or answer  to STSA’s question “what are you doing about ticket scalping?” was EXACTLY the same as the Answer given to an STSA supporter years ago !!  It is clear that Ticketek are not too serious about enforcing their own condition that tickets not be scalped, probably because of the cost it would incur to do so.

Please write to, and ask many people you know, to write to Ticketek and Nine Live to request them to send a FORMAL LETTER to Gumtree and to eBay Australia, asking them to remove the Ticket Listings which attempt to sell Tickets for more than $99 which is the top price for the Tickets.   A formal letter means a real letter on Letterhead, signed by upper Management.  Contact details are at the Links below.

The more people that write in, the more pressure that can be placed, to stop ticket scalping.

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