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2013 Major Events in New South Wales

The Major Events Act 2009 NSW states that a person must not sell or attempt to sell a ticket for admission to a major event venue or facility, at the venue, except as authorised by the responsible authority.   STSA has recently been advised by Destinations NSW that the Minister for Tourism, Major Events, Hospitality and Racing, their Minister, can declare events/facilities to be a “declared major event” in the Gazette.

Please see this post  HERE  for the email from Destinations NSW.

It may be that there are no “declared major events” currently in New South Wales, and we are left ourselves to find out when there are.   A Google search of “gazette nsw” takes one to a page showing the current Gazette of the government, but means scanning through every  weekly Gazette  to search for declarations of “major events”.

From past experience, it seems only the Footy is major enough to be a “declared major event”.  The media/press should notify the Public when an event is declared as a “major event”.  If anyone reading this knows of a DECLARED MAJOR EVENT in New South Wales in 2013, PLEASE comment here.

STSA wrote this week to the ANZ Stadium, NSW – see below please.


Dear Sir / Madam

A-League All Stars v Manchester United, Saturday 20 July 2013

Please can you advise me if the ANZ Stadium has been gazetted a “declared major event” facility for this match or for any current events, under the Major Events Act 2009, NSW?

If so, then tickets for the above event are being “scalped” on eBay for way above their original authorised selling prices.  Please see the link below.

We understand that ticket scalping for “declared major events” is illegal, but do not know which events in NSW are “declared major events” currently, as gazetted by Hon. George Souris, Minister for Tourism, Major Events, Hospitality and Racing.

Please can you forward this enquiry onto someone whom can reply to my question –

Has the ANZ Stadium been gazetted a “declared major event” facility for this match, A-League All Stars v Manchester United,  OR  for any other current events, under the Major Events Act 2009, NSW?

Someone within your organisation must know the answer because if the Stadium IS a declared major event facility for any event, the the ANZ Stadium is therefore responsible for enforcing the legislative terms of the Act  (meaning should be ensuring that tickets are not on-sold for profits).   A response would be appreciated.

Many thanks


STSA will provide the answer, if any, in reply to this post.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE 3 MAY 2013:   STSA has found out directly from the Football Federation Australia, that the above event is not a “declared major event”.

Please see  THIS  post for details.

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