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South Australia – ticket scalping

STSA recently received a question from someone via the Contact form –

Who do I tell if I find someone trying to re-sell event tickets for a large profit? I’m in South Australia.

Here is our reply

Unfortunately at the moment in South Australia there is no legislation against ticket scalping, although there is apparently some  venue-specific legislation which covers the selling of tickets near or within certain venues in South Australia.  For example, the AAMI Stadium in the CBD may be covered by local law similiar to one in Perth, W.A., that says tickets can’t be re-sold in person at the stadium.  We don’t know the specific legislative items at the moment, but know that Independent Senator Nick Xenophon did try to get a Bill passed in S.A. in 2005 and 2006 to amend the Summary Offences Act to tackle ticket scalping.

We recommend that you contact MP Xenophon and tell him you support legislation to prevent ticket scalping and ask him to let you know what laws within South Australia do actually address ticket scalping.   If he can provide you with the answer to this, if you let us know, we will post it on the STSA site annonymously.

It seems that without concerned people like yourself quoting a law that applies, that the so-called ethical ticket sellers/vendors, and even to some extent, eBay and other avenues for sales, do not care much about reducing the exorbitant un-ethcial re-selling of tickets.

Hope this helps.  Mr Xenophon’s site is at:

Regards,   STSA

3 comments on “South Australia – ticket scalping

  1. Michelle D

    I’ll add MP Xenophon to the list of people to send the ‘Help Stop Ticket Scalping in Aus’ (communityrun) petition to 🙂

    • stopticketscalping

      Thank you Michelle. Good on you. And thank you to “The Girl” for the Like. 🙂

  2. Michelle D

    Emails with petition attached (325 signatures to date) sent to my local State member, my local Federal member & Senator Xenophon. 🙂

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