Stop Ticket Scalping in Australia

Go in the Poll to say how much you would pay for a Ticket – click on "Worldwide Polls" on the left. Report ticket scalping yourself.

Ticket Scalping – the State of the Union

A good article about ticket scalping in Australia can be read at the   Faster Louder  ( Australia’s online music community )  site.

Danny Rogers, Director – Lunatic Entertainment, says:

……. I think there should be more legislation in the industry. 100 percent. I think those who argue against legislation are slightly out of touch with the reality. There’s always that argument about fair trade and that sort of thing. But they’re looking at it from a business point of view, not a fan’s. Listen to the artists: they’re the ones selling the tickets. Listen to them and their management. It’s not like people are losing money, but it’s the principle behind it. There are a lot of spurious comparisons made to other markets like airline tickets, hotels and what have you, but scalping is people preying on a need.

One of the Fans says the following –

But I also don’t think punters are reacting against it enough to really force the government’s hand. SLAM [Save Live Australian Music], for example: you get 50,000 people running down Swanston St with banners and placards – governments take notice of that.

WATCH THIS SPACE FOR   S. L. A. M.    – get ready to rally to stop ticket scalping !!!

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