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Email to ACCC – Australian Competition & Consumer Commission

The Trade Practices Act 1974 (TPA) has been re-named the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, and contains the ACL, Australian Consumer Law which is set out in Schedule 2 of the C&C Act.

While waiting for a law student to help STSA interpret the new ACL which came into effect last year, STSA decided to write to the ACCC to ask them what “the right to sell a ticket” means.   STSA used the General Inquiry form on this page  here.

Below is the text of the inquiry by STSA.

With reference to the Report “Consumers and the Ticket Market – Ticket Onselling in the Australian Market – the Final Report 2010“, page 30 of the Report states that the new Australian Consumer Law provides statutory guarantees for purchases of goods and services — for example, a seller will be required to guarantee they will supply a ticket with reasonable care and skill, they have a right to sell the ticket and that the ticket will be fit for purpose, free from defects and match its description”.

Please can you advise what the “right to sell the ticket means“?   Please also advise does the “right to sell the ticket” mean the selling of the ticket must comply with any terms and conditions placed upon the ticket by the authorised ticket seller.   If yes, under what conditions, e.g. do the terms and conditions NEED to be printed on the back of the tickets?   Thank you.


Having submitted the inquiry (or enquiry), and asking for a reply from the ACCC, an automated response popped up on the ACCC website, stating that their response will be sent up to 28 days after receiving the email above.  So, we can expect a reply to the questions above from the ACCC within one month, i.e. by 3 December 2012.  STSA will post their reply here.  🙂

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