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Email to RCA Records

Email sent on 30 October 2012

Hello, eBay is allowing ticket scalpers to try to re-sell tickets to the Pink shows in Australia way above their purchase prices.  Many listings are using Pink’s CD Album cover image. Please can you advise me are they breaching copyright using your or the artist’s images?  If so, please can you ask eBay to remove those listings. Please reply to this email.  Thanks very much.


STSA sent the email above, having found out that TicketMaster have said they will ask eBay to remove listings which feature their copyrighted plans of the venues the shows are at.   The scalpers, therefore, should probably not be using the cover art of albums, in their sales advertisements.

STSA will post their reply here.  Will keep sending the email until we get a response from RCA records.  STSA is looking for what is applicable here in Australia.


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