Stop Ticket Scalping in Australia

Go in the Poll to say how much you would pay for a Ticket – click on "Worldwide Polls" on the left. Report ticket scalping yourself.

Sign the Petition to help stop ticket scalping in Australia

There is currently no anti-scalping legislation Australia wide.  Some State legislation provides some protection – see the page on Legislation and Reports.

You can help Lobby by signing this online petition 🙂    Join in NOW.  Thank you

Plz Help Stop Ticket Scalpers – sign+share ONLINE PETITION

4 comments on “Sign the Petition to help stop ticket scalping in Australia

  1. Michelle D

    Awesome thanks for sharing, however the link doesn’t work, only if I copy & paste it into a web browser 🙂

  2. Anthony

    Hi guys,

    Great initiative.

    Can I add a clarification on “face value” — this comes from personal experience.

    At the moment the ticketmaster/ticketek guys rip you right off with all the fees and charges for buying the tickets (there is absolutely no way to avoid transaction or dispatch fees for the tickets. My last purchase included excess of $30 in these fees alone. Total rip off.

    However, when we propose laws to limit resale to the face value of the ticket, you should be able to recover the *actual* expenses incurred in buying the tickets in the first place.
    I had to resell tickets as my friends cancelled on a show, and recovering those actual incurred transaction costs (proportionally) is more than fair, I think.

    So I think there’s room for ticket resale at cost, including actual (provable) incurred over-and-above fees charged by ticketek/master/

    But beyond that I totally agree, scalping its the reasons why tickets sell out in seconds and minutes and then get relisted on ebay straight away!

    Good luck with the campaign, I know I’m signing it.



    • stopticketscalping

      Hi Anthony, thanks for your valid comment. We are advocating nation-wide legislation similiar to Queensland’s state legislation, which will allow tickets to be on-sold for 10 percent more than the face value to cover such administrative costs of the original buyer! Thanks for signing the petition (which mentions the over the top fees) and hope u will go in the Polls on this site too, one of which is about selling a ticket for 110% of the original purchase price, so the margin can cover fees.

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