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The Economics is Flawed

Most economists agree that ticket scalping is only profitable because event organisers aren’t charging high enough prices.  Because the price is too low, people demand many more tickets than there … Continue reading

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Grand final scalpers face huge fines under new crackdown

Victoria, Australia, now has legislation so that re-sellers scalping tickets (i.e. selling them for more than 110% of the legal prices / or for higher than a 10% increase) to … Continue reading

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Western Australia – ticket scalping legislation

The summer of scalping: WA’s need for ticket protection At last, we have a Premier in Western Australia who is considering passing Legislation similar to the Major Events Acts in … Continue reading

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Got a spare $800 for 2 tickets worth $200? See this post here also See this post here  Question: How do you send your Tickets? Answer:   Hardcopy Tickets:  All our Hard Copy Tickets are Sent Registered Mail … Continue reading

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The Wall Street Journal – you can get authentic tickets but at a price

Live Nation Entertainment Inc. and its Ticketmaster subsidiary have a new strategy for dealing with their sworn enemies, ticket scalpers: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.   In 2013 … Continue reading

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StubHub, Ticketbis & eBay May 24,  2016 While eBay continues to build out its core marketplace for physical goods, it’s also investing to expand its other businesses and brands, too. Today the company … Continue reading


Ticketek terms – NO SCALPING

Finally Ticketek clearly has the part of its TOS – Terms of Sale or Terms and Conditions – about no ticket scalping on the back of all Tickets!  Anyone who … Continue reading

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Dynamo comes to Australia

The Magician, Dynamo will be on Show in Australia in November 2016. Can Dynamo do some “magic” so that no tickets are Scalped? We  bought 2 tickets about 3pm … Continue reading

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AFL Grand Final Ticket Scalping – change W.A. Laws

According to Ticketmaster – “Ticket holders, not Ticketmaster Resale, control the inventory and the price of the tickets, which can be listed above or below the original face value.  On … Continue reading

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FIFA WORLD CUP SOCCER – Meet your Match ? – Corporate Ticket Scalping

Hopefully the Brazilian police will find Ray Whelan, British Executive of the Swiss MATCH Services, and associated others, whom have been accused of scalping tickets to the FIFA World Cup … Continue reading

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2014 FIFA World Cup Soccer

The maximum ticket price in U.S. dollars for a Quarter Finals match is $330. At the time of posting this such a ticket is being offered on eBay for sale … Continue reading

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Bumper major events line up for NSW in 2014

Below is a link to planned major events in New South Wales in 2014. Please report here if you find out closer to the time of the events, if any … Continue reading

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Coldplay – the Clock is ticking

We love Clocks and Yellow. British band Coldplay is holding just one Australian show as part of their “Ghost Stories” tour. It will be performed in Sydney, New South Wales, … Continue reading

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Australian Senate Economics Reference Committee Report

Interesting Report by the Australian Senate Economics Reference Committee Report has just been released.  Download or read the Report at the link below.  It is a big Report, but well … Continue reading

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5 Seconds of Scalping – “5 Seconds of Summer”

STSA recently received an email from someone disappointed that she and her daughter (and other parents and children) could not get tickets to a show at the Perth Convention & … Continue reading

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AMENDED N.S.W. Fair Trading Amendment (Ticket Reselling) Bill 2014

N.S.W. Fair Trading Amendment (Ticket Reselling) Bill 2014   This Bill has just been Amended and was passed by the Legislative Assemby ( LA ) of NSW on 25 March 2014.   … Continue reading

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Rolling Scammers – can’t get No satisfaction

UPDATE MAY 2014:  South Australia has just passed a Law similar to the Queensland anti-ticket scalping legislation.  The Rolling Stones concerts in South Australia this year have been declared as … Continue reading

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Letter to the N.S.W. Minister for Fair Trading

As of today, the Bill proposed by the Hon. Anthony John Roberts, the New South Wales Minister for Fair Trading, has not yet been passed.  Please go to  THIS   … Continue reading

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Australian Open Grand Slam – Report Ticket Scalping

Ticket-scalping is illegal for major sporting events in person or online under Victoria’s Major Sporting Events Act 2009.    Already eBay Australia has tickets for reserved seats to the Australian Open Tennis Semi-Final … Continue reading

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N.S.W. Fair Trading Amendment (Ticket Reselling) Bill 2013

On 14 November Fair Trading Minister, Anthony Roberts, introduced a new Bill into the New South Wales Parliament mandating for anti-ticket scalping legislation. The proposed Bill can be downloaded to … Continue reading

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NSW Government To Introduce New Anti-Scalping Laws

Christoph Homann, Managing Director of Resale for Ticketmaster International has said “The NSW government’s proposed secondary ticket legislation will neither protect fans nor stop scamming.  Restrictions rarely stop consumer interest, … Continue reading

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AFL Grand Final 2013

Above is an eBay listing at 17 September 2013 – save and zoom in The Australian Football League ( AFL ) website has information on the ticket allocation to the … Continue reading

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